drawing lines

For all of our standard packaging materials, we provide you with a drawing line and instructions for the preparation of your artwork.
Our PDF templates are ideal for import into your preferred design program.


For a homogeneously result, we ask you to use only Pantone colours. Four colours (inclusive black) are included in our product offers. Every additional colour possibly causes extra costs.
For black coloured text, do not use mixed colour (4c). Please only apply black coloured text at 100% in the K channel.


Convert fonts to paths / curves or embed them completely.
Pay attention to the correct font size for your article (at least font size 6 pt)!
Pay attention to a sufficient contrast between background and font colour!


Do not use hairlines (at least 0.75 pt)!
Too narrow lines are automatically increased to a printable size, so lines created with 0pt can be seen.
Do not use frames as a layout boundary as they may be partially trimmed by machine tolerances.


We prefer PDF files: PDF / X standard (PDF / X3 standard or PDF / X1a standard)
We recommend compatibility 1.3 when creating the PDF because it avoids transparencies and layers.

Instructions for Use

For every product, we are able to provide templates for Instructions for Use in approximately 22 languages.

printing proofs

For labels and boxes, we always send printing proofs for your final approval before printing.